Adventure 101: How to Dive into Adventure

I’m thrilled to report that I’ve started contributing to the National Geographic Travel Adventure 101 series, designed to provide ideas and tips to help folks feed their hunger for adventure. Here’s a tease from my first installment:

Bonaire shore dive

Adventure 101: Shore Diving in Bonaire

Magnificent Bonaire stands firmly on a pinnacle, reigning supreme over all other shore diving destinations in the world. With a decidedly rugged character, this charming Dutch island in the southern Caribbean skips chain hotels and instead woos dedicated divers with easy access to underwater wonder. To experience the glorious joy of shore diving in Bonaire, just follow the yellow brick road. Dive sites are as abundant as the fish that dart among the reef’s vibrant coral gardens.

If you’re a diver, you simply must visit this place. Read more on National Geographic Travel.



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