Freestyle Aerial Skiing—Putting Mind over Matter

“It takes a special person to think it’s a good idea to do what we do,” says 18-year-old freestyle aerialist Mac Bohonnon.

Earlier this year I learned a lot about the life of a freestyle aerialist from Bohonnon, who was the only American aerialist to compete in the 2014 Olympics.

Aerial skiing is inherently dangerous. Skiers bomb down a ramp at 40+ miles an hour, launch 50 feet into the air, and perform multiple flips and twists before landing on a steep slope. They train first on trampolines and then jump into water pits dozens of times before ever attempting a trick on snow.

Bohonnon just released a really cool short film showing their ski training in action. It’s crazy stuff! Take five minutes and check it out:

Want to learn more? Read my National Geographic Adventure article: Mind Over Matter.

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