Train to Crush It in the Mountains

Alpine Training Center

Photo courtesy Alpine Training Center

You know those people who get all evangelical about their workouts? (Think Crossfit.) Well, I hate to admit that I’ve become one of them, thanks to Alpine Training Center (it’s not Crossfit). It all started this fall when my former ski house roommate issued a challenge to a few of us that went something like this: “I’ve been doing this really great ski conditioning class and I think you should, too. In fact, if you want to be able to keep up with me on the mountain this season, you better sign up!”

Enough said. Challenge accepted. So I buckled down and endured two months of absolutely the hardest ski training workouts I have ever experienced. And it paid off. On my first ski days of the season, when my legs would typically be burning, I felt awesome. So, of course, I thought I should spread the word of the gospel to the masses with an article.

And by the way, once you’ve tasted the Kool-Aid, there’s no going back. I am an Alpine Training Center junkie for life now. Forgive me if I talk about it too much.

Read  the article I wrote for RootsRated: Train to Crush It in the Mountains.

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