Get Your Ski Boots Dialed

Larry's Bootfitting

Larry’s Bootfitting in Boulder is something of an institution. For decades, Boulderites have been paying homage to Larry Houchen and his bootfitting prowess. Back in the day (think 20+ years ago—yikes!), when I first had Larry fit me, I could swear that he was squeezing me into a boot that was two sizes too small. Turns out, he was actually finally fitting me right, so my boots wouldn’t start slopping around after five days.

Direct power transfer to the ski: that’s what you need. A boot that fits right is snug and comfortable, allowing you to control your skis with ease.

There’s no need to suffer with uncomfortable ski boots. Go see Larry, the bootfitting legend of Boulder. His place is more like a clubhouse than a ski shop—where you go to get your boots fitted and end up sticking around for a beer.

Read more in my article on RootsRated: Get Your Ski Boots Dialed at Larry’s Bootfitting.

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